Introduction to Tea Talks


In a fast-paced world, it's never too late to slow down, relax and breathe. It's never too late to start appreciating the good things in life and find happiness in small moments. However, you might feel like taking a break does not help. Maybe you feel that it slows you down from the competition, or maybe, you just can't find the time.


Considering the amount of stress people deal with on a daily basis, it's no surprise that mental health has been a major topic of discussion. Stress is the primary cause for most mental health issues such as depression and anxiety which also ends up affecting us physically in the shape of fatigue, insomnia and eating disorders.


Moreover, it affects how you deal with the people and environment around you. Prolonged stress may lead you to be more irritable, moody, less productive and socially withdrawn overall. This results in your personal and professional relationships being affected negatively.


How Tea Helps you Boost Your Mental Health

Tea has been long celebrated to be an amazing drink to relax and elevate your mood. Many cultures have had tea as part of their staple for centuries, and scientists are only now discovering the numerous benefits drinking tea possesses when it comes to a better overall mental health.


  •  Tea lowers cortisol levels which is a stress hormone
  • Green tea consumption lowers the risk of developing depression and dementia
  • An antioxidant found in most teas, EGCG is thought to help people feel calmer and boost their memory and attention
  • A Korean study concluded that green tea drinkers are less 21% likely to develop depression over a lifetime, making tea consumption equivalent to almost 2.5 hours of exercise per week
  • In addition to just drinking tea, even the preparation of tea and having tea in a social setting is a great way to induce relaxing effects on the body.
  • Tea helps people recover more quickly from a stressful task


These are just a few benefits tea can have towards improving your mental health. When dived deep into detail, you can explore the various tea flavors that Mother Nature has allowed us to consume and their various effects on your mind and mood. Every unique tea flavor has its unique blend of antioxidants and nutrients that have a particular result on your mental health. This allows you to pick and choose the right flavor for your mindset. Whether your goal is to sleep better, relax, meditate, improve focus or lose weight, there is a tea flavor that helps you achieve your goals.


In light of tea's amazing benefits, the Feel Good Team is starting a series of informational blog called Tea Talks so you can learn more about the wide varieties of teas that you can use on a regular basis to achieve your mental health goals. Feel free to contact us via email or social media to send us your goals and we'll help you find a tea flavor for you! Until then, spread smiles, love, happiness and keep feelin' good!