Pair Your Tea with These Snack Ideas

Your cup of tea is amazing on its own! It’s your start to the day, the break from work, a pause from life.

We were thinking of ideas to step up your tea time game, and the only thing we kept coming back to is … snacks!

So here’s some fantastic snack ideas you can munch on with your tea


Have a go a delicious fruit salad, maybe a smoothie or avoid the fuss with just slicing up those gems of nature! Even better, try out some never-heard-before exotic fruits and surprise yourself everyday with the plethora of amazing flavors you’ll be serving yourself! Take your fruit game to the next level with some fruit kebabs or some beautiful platters.


Lay out a fancy cheese board with your favorite biscuits and (of course!) tea to class up your next tea party. Let your guests indulge in some fondue-dipping with their tea-sipping. Some Feta cheese cubes will always go a long way in bringing a burst of flavor in your snacks. We know you love tea. We know you love cheese. It’s time for a crossover, don’t you think?


Now, you might just go for some carrot slices and hummus, but there’s a lot more to offer in the vegetable department for your tea-time snacks as well. Have a fresh corn on the cob, whip up some easy falafel balls, or help yourself to a club sandwich like never before. Veggie lovers unite!

Baked Goods

Here’s the part we’re sure you were waiting for (right?!). Pair your Feel Good Tea with a Good Ol’ blueberry muffin, a chocolate cake, or some classic toast! Lay out your entire jam collection and spread it out on some brown bread for a rainbow of flavors. Is there such a thing as “too sweet” anyway?

Tea tastes fantastic on its own, especially if it’s Feel Good Tea … but if your mood depends on how hungry you are, pair up your tea with some satisfying snacks to munch and sip away the stress! Your Feel Good Tea will feel a lot better with a snack!