How To Be A Trendsetting Host

Being the best host among your friend circle is a real challenge. You have to be on your toes, coming up with new ideas to surprise your guests … Every. Single. Time. We understand you can get tired of this, but still want to keep going. So we’re here to help you out. Check out our amazing and unique tea accessories and indulge your guests with new tea experiences for every visit to your house. Trust us, they’ll be talking about the time when you poured their tea, WITHOUT pouring their tea, for weeks to come!


Our fantastic range of teapots include the most unique ways of serving tea to your guests (check out the Cayenne Steeper) which also look so aesthetically pleasing, your guests won’t resist putting it on their Insta stories (we all know you get more host points for that!)



How do regular people brew their tea? Traditional plastic tea bags? Ew!

Our unique collection of premium infusers is such an entertaining way to brew tea, you’ll keep brewing just for the fun of it! Nothing is more beautiful and soothing to the eye than freshly brewing tea! Browse our signature range of infusers and you’ll know exactly what we mean


Tea Bags

But wait! Didn’t we just diss tea bags (ew!) for being so uncool? But our tea bags are much more than just lumps of plastic!

In line with our Sustainability Promise, Feel Good Tea’s tea bags are made with biodegradable and recyclable corn fibre. For regular tea drinkers, this helps reduce your carbon footprint and also allows you to slip in the discussion of climate change and how we can make small changes to our lifestyle to help the environment (but also, more host points!).


Other Accessories

Yup, we’re not done!

You can get creatively unique at every get-together you host with our wide range of accessories.


… our premium Woody Stand, to …

… our cute little sand clocks to help you get the perfect brew every time! It’s time we make every tea party amazing again, and it’s up to you as a star host to do that. Set the time, text your squad and get brewing with Feel Good Tea!