Tea Talks #1 - Black Tea Benefits

As tea lovers, we have heard a lot of people criticizing the consumption of caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee. Yes, over-indulging yourself in anything can be harmful. However, an extra cup of black tea is not the horror most people make it sound like. Whether you enjoy tea for its numerous benefits or simply for the taste, it’s still useful to understand the good that tea brings to your physical and mental health. In the first addition to our Tea Talks series, we’ve compiled a list of benefits black tea has that you didn’t know existed.

Black Tea Increases Your Energy
Unlike coffee and energy drinks, lower caffeine levels found in black establish the perfect balance of enhancing blood flow to the brain without over-stimulating the heart. Black also helps stimulate your metabolism, respiratory systems, heart and kidneys. The result? You feel more energized and less drowsy during the day.

Black Tea Improves Your Oral Health
Research suggests that black tea consumption helps in reducing plaque forming on your teeth. It also restricts the growth of bacteria that is responsible for cavities and tooth decays. Black tea contains polyphenols that kill the cavity-causing bacteria and the bacterial enzymes that result in plaque formation.

Black Tea Maintains A Healthy Digestive Tract
Tannins found in tea helps maintain a healthy digestive system, which significantly reduces the risk of gastric and intestinal illnesses.

Black Tea Boosts Your Heart Health

Multiple research studies and focus groups have concluded that regardless of ethnicity or race, people who consume 3 or more cups of black tea daily have a 21% lower risk of a stroke than people who have less than 1 cup of black tea a day.

Black Tea Revitalizes Your Immune System
The tannins in black tea help fight viruses such as influenza, stomach flu and similar common viruses our body deals with on a regular basis. Black tea also contains alkylamine antigens that boost our body’s immune response to illnesses.

Black Tea Makes You Happy

If a warm cup of tea makes you smile and lets you indulge a little, what’s the harm in that? You do you!

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