Diwali Tea Hamper

Dhs. 296
Box Size: 15 Tubes (~30 servings)

This Diwali, we have curated a special Tea Hamper to celebrate this lovely festival of light. Send your Diwali Tea Hamper to the people you love

Hamper includes the following items: 

- 10 delicious flavors of loose leaf tea (see flavors below)

- 1 Tea Strainer

- 20 disposable biodegradable corn fiber tea bags

- Golden metallic candle holders and scented candles 

- 2 Diwali designed ceramic plates and other diwali design amenities



1. Strawberry Cream Ceylon
2. Turmeric Glow
3. Skinny Tea
4. Pineapple Crush

5. Sleeping Beauty

6. White Tea

7. The Super Detox
8. Immuni-TEA
9. Ocean Blue
10. Cherry Lips


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